The Power of the Question:  The power of a question is timeless yet often underrated. Rabbis in the Jewish culture used questions to reveal obvious conclusions and sometimes not so obvious hypocrisy.

Questions create space for answers.

When questions remain unasked, there is no cup to fill. Questions are like that; empty vessels demanding to be filled.  The enemy understand this well. This is why the enemy interviewed Jesus in the desert and questioned Eve in the garden. Questions create space for new answers, even if they are wrong answers. That’s the power of the question. Never underestimate the power of a rightly timed and correctly posed question. The story of Isaiah 55:1 continues with a mysterious voice posing a question. “Is anyone thirsty?”

To whom was it oriented? Anyone? Is the speaker inviting a crowd or an individual? I think the answer is yes. God’s invitation always goes out to the crowd and then lands on individuals who have ears to hear it. As it says, “many are called, but few are chosen.”

The “anyone?” is like an invitation to walk on and play on God’s team. Like an athlete who didn’t earn a scholarship, but still wanted to compete against the thirst in his soul. The “anyone” here is a clarion call to the “walk on” soul who dares to believe in the goodness of the voice’s invitation.

Unfortunately, many days, the question falls empty on hearts that have already been quenched by worldly invitations. Only empty hearts qualify for this invitation. Maybe this is why Jesus said,  “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.”

The same “anyone,” even the same exact phrase and question, has already gone out from the mouth of the world inviting anyone and everyone into a way of life that promises to gratify but fails to satisfy. The powerful “Is anyone thirsty?” question is known by both the Good King and His enemies. They both shout aloud from the streets, “Is anyone thirsty?” They both offer something. They both grasp the power of the question.

Can you hear the questions? There is not one but two questions being posed to the ears of your soul even now. They sound the same to the untamed ear, but the difference is in the voice of the questioner.

The character of the questioner determines the authenticity of the question. Questions can tell lies.

There is a way that seems right, but in the end leads to destruction. Jesus in the desert could have easily given in to the temptation to drink freely of the offer of humanity’s enemy. He did not give in. He instead chose to drink deeply of the offer of the Father. He would be forced to drink slower. He would taste of both the bitter and the sweet, but the Father’s question was the only one to which He gave credence. Jesus drank deeply of the Father’s promise and reaped a harvest of the Father’s purpose.

Many people believe the Father is shouting commands for us to adhere to and obey. And although I believe the Father’s voice is commanding, I simply have experienced that the Father most often has done His work through the power of a question.

To those with ears to hear and a heart to obey the question is the command; “Is anyone thirsty?”


Josh and his wife, Casandra, are the founders of MULTIPLi Global. Along with their two children, Lucas and Sofia, they planted a first fruits of churches in Lima, Peru called La Ciudad in 2014. Josh is currently the director of New Heights Association in Fayetteville, AR and author of Rooted, a book about reaching deep, burning bright, and standing strong.

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