In mid-March, Peru began experiencing unseasonal rains due to an unusually warm ocean current off the coast. This rain lead to devastating floods and mudslides throughout the country, especially in the north and along the coast. Water distribution was affected both because of damaged roads and water systems, but also because treatment plants were unable to filter the water that had been inundated with extra mud and debris. The effects of this disaster will be long-lasting as the country must rebuild bridges and roads and recuperate farm land that was destroyed. Many have lost all their early possessions as well as their livelihood in agriculture. The needs will be great for many years to come, but in most cases, the immediate needs included water, food, and shelter. MULTIPLi, thanks to the generosity of many of you, responded to the need for water in the affected areas. Working through our network in Peru we were able to provide 100 water filters to those who were without clean water. We would like to share a few of the many stories that have come back to us. Thank you for your continued prayers for the relief efforts in Peru!

Relief Efforts Picture 1
Bertha Ccoica lives with her son and daughter. She is a widow and with the recent water problems, they have to retrieve water from a cistern a long distance from their home in the foothills. They share that they are very thankful now that they can drink the water without having to spend money on gas to boil it.
Relief Efforts Picture 2
Alcira Jiménez was affected by the mudslides that carried away part of her house. Her family had to carry water to their house high in the hills. Her son is happy because the water is readily and rapidly available!
Relief Efforts Picture 3
Guillermina Ingaroca is a widow who lives alone with her son. She sells popsicles and juices to support her family. She’s so pleased that this water will be so useful in their home and to her business.
Relief Efforts Picture 4
Hilda Huarcaya, just like everyone in the affected areas, is without water. With the heat, it requires a lot of time to boil and wait for the water to cool to a temperature for drinking. Now she is enjoying clean, cold water in seconds.

Please continue to pray for Peru with us:

  • Pray for the rebuilding of roads and bridges that were destroyed in the floods and landslides.
  • Pray for the recovery of agriculture that was flooded and inundated with rocks and debris.
  • Pray for provision for those who worked in agriculture and other jobs that are not available in this recovery time.
  • Pray for the families who have lost everything in this disaster.
  • Pray that the Peruvian church would respond in loving, practical ways to the needs of those affected, and that the love of Christ would be spread throughout the nation of Peru.

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