Special thanks to Pastor Tony Harrison of Christian Life Cathedral in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Our series of blogs on talking to children about God is based on his sermon series, “How To Talk To Kids About God.”

God created the institution of the family long before He created the church. Kids’ ministry leaders came along many centuries later.  The first chapters of Genesis establish the family as the primary social unit under the leadership of God. Too often, parents and grandparents feel as if they are not qualified to impart spiritual wisdom to kids.  Many parents are very hesitant to take on the role of primary spiritual influence in their children’s lives. Yet all throughout Scripture, God clearly explains that He has given parents the privilege and responsibility to shape the spiritual lives of their children.

God’s plan is for parents to be the primary spiritual leaders of their children.

Pastor Tony Harrison

Won’t they learn about God at church?

Taking your kids to church is an important part of leading them in their Christian walk. However, you can’t just bring your kids to church each week and assume the Children’s Ministry is taking care of their entire spiritual development.  Think about it: Even if your child attended church EVERY week, never missing, that’s about an hour of focused instruction per week – fifty two hours per year.  And that’s IF you are there every week. 

Allowing your children to be a part of the kids’ ministry at church is definitely good for you to do! Churches work hard at developing resources, planning lessons, and creating an atmosphere where your child will learn, worship, and draw closer to God. However, the church can’t possibly give your children everything they need to live a strong, effective, Christian life in only 1-2 hours per week. 

Parents get an average of more than 70 waking hours each week with their children. That’s 3,650 waking hours per year. Talking to your kids about God happens in all of these hours, in an ongoing conversation. God has called you to this role, and you are equipped. Have courage!

What about you? How do you work God into conversations with your kids?  

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